Saturday, January 31, 2009


(clockwise from top) evy jokhova, The Spider's Web and 2 details, 2008, foam, paint marker and spray paint, 170 x 120 x 450cm, Bench Fox, digital print, 42x60cm, Misty Forest, 2007, acrylic, ink, plaster and gauze on canvas and wall, 600x350cm, The Web, 2006, acrylic, stitching, ink, fabric, paint marker, gauze and plaster on canvas, wall and glass, 600 x 800cm, is an FREE international online art community that allows you to upload images of your work, your statement and biography to the site to be seen by other artists, gallerists, collectors, curators, etc. you can also network with members through contact requests, message boards and the comments section of the artist's pages. myartspace also offers competitions, exhibition opportunities, a weekly newsletter and a very informative blog.

i have online friendships with many artists from all over the world because of this site and put my work on the front page which gave me some great exposure. there are also artists like evy jokhova (work pictured above) whose work i discovered on myartspace because at the time, she didn't have a huge online presence. my favorite part of the site is the blog, which always has an interesting topic and i really enjoy the artist interviews.'s FREE!

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