Monday, July 27, 2009

Arnor Bieltvedt

Morning Light
, 2007, Oil and Mixed Media On Canvas, 24x36, Floral Music II, 2009, Oil On Linen, 30x40, Island, 2007, Oil and Mixed Media On Canvas, 36x48
Iceland, the island in the North Atlantic where I grew up has returned to my consciousness and imagination and in the process opened up many doors. The beauty of Iceland’s atmospheric, surreal landscape, where stillness prevails but the heartbeat of living nature can also be felt and heard is an ideal setting for strong color expression. The most perfect natural carrier of color is the flower and I feel the attraction it has to the space, soil and air of these still, Nordic landscapes. This is unspoiled nature and reflects the unspoiled pure aspect of humanity; probably something worth seeking....
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  1. it's beautiful, how the artist describes his work.
    the color palette and curvilinear shapes work together to create a profusion of movement and joy.

  2. so poetic..thank you for your comment, stephanie.