Thursday, July 16, 2009

resa blatman

three flamingos, 2008, oil on wood, 46x66, mild rapture #2, 2007, acrylic on panel, 11x14, beauty and the beasties, 2008, oil, acrylic, glitter on cut edge panel, 79x126, ravishing the night, 2008, oil on wood, 46x66, coitus, 2007, oil on wood, 46x66

Through my work, I attempt to show nature at odds with itself by playing with the contradictions of emptiness versus fullness, lush versus barren, and rapture versus displeasure. In my paintings, the berries, linear loops, and tiny dots represent an abundance of embryos, eggs, and seeds. Heaps are an important element: these berries, loops, tiny dots, and sometimes creatures accumulate in piles and mounds and represent the bounty of femininity and ripeness.

click here to read the rest of the statement, here for an interesting interview and here for more work.

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  1. These are so fantastically feracious.