Wednesday, July 8, 2009

michael ferris

Brian, 2008, recycled wood/pigmented grout, 30x26x15, Allen, 2007, recycled wood / pigmented grout, Jane, 2005, recycled wood/ pigmented grout, 17x12x17, Rosemarie, 2008, recycled wood/ pigmented grout, 44 x30 x19
My intent is to render an accurate likeness of my subject however what I find more compelling is communicating the sitter’s “ inner world." I do this by contrasting the sculpture's stoic, classical form with its complex multi-patterned surface. Ultimately my aim is to express the psychological and spiritual complexity of my subject.
michael sent me the link to his web site and i just love his work-thank you for sharing your work with me, michael! see more sculpture here...and interesting drawings, too.

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