Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Joshua Brehse

Past Lives, encaustic, 36x36, Maya, encaustic, 9x12, Remote View, encaustic, 28x18, untitled, encaustic, Manifest, encaustic, 36x48, Tikkun, 2007, encaustic, 24 x 24
Painting is meditation, devotion, exorcism, and synthesis as much as it is a method for image-making. Through a process of painting, pouring, digging, and scraping I hope to convey a sense of the history and turmoil that goes into the production of my work while also presenting a fully resolved and seductive piece of art. Rather than directing my paintings towards any one idea, I prefer to approach my work as a slow accumulation of solutions and possibilities worked on and through.

While my work is primarily abstract it is also very much landscape based. I enjoy the push and pull of space that allows for an entry into the atmosphere of the painting while refusing to settle on any one correct reading. I am very much drawn to the long history of American landscape painting and see my work as part of that continuum.
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