Thursday, August 6, 2009

roz leibowitz

the glass house, 2006, pencil on vintage drawing, 19 x 13, the midnight ecstasy, 2009, ink and gouache on vintage dental catalog page, the flower of eternal imagination, 2005, pencil and collage on vintage papers, 43 x 26, esther epstein: her light, 2008, pencil and collage on vintage paper, 10 x 6, the bleeding ecstasy, 2009, ink on book pages, 17 x 11, silence, 2006, pencil on vintage print, 9 1/2 x6, hannah's ecstasy, 2009, ink on vintage book pages, 28 x 22, white china, 2009, ink on vintage catalog pages, 34 x 23, the beautiful false world, 2007, pencil and prints on vintage paper with piercing, 11 1/2 x 9 1/2, grossman's ecstasy, 2009, on vintage catalog pages, 34 x 23
My work is influenced by the Romantic sensibility in the truest sense of that term: I believe that there is a Spirit that moves the heart and hand, and, without such a Spirit, a work is dead, just as without the hand, the Spirit is silenced. I believe in the panentheistic universe of Blake and Boehme, that things have Souls, that history is alive in a scrap of paper, that great cities have whirlwinds within, and that the dead behind us show us the steps ahead.

I believe in the power of mothers and grandmothers, women before my own time, who kept their hands busy and their eyes wide open. I believe in this Busy Work, that it is the hum of the universe, a Serene Repetition left mark by mark. I trust in the redemptive power of Ecstasies, those I have felt and those I await....

i love these drawings...the pattern, the detail, the mystery, the here to read the rest of her statement and here for more work.


  1. I linked to your blog through Susie Shie's posting. I'm intrigued by your work and am pleased to to see someone else love Roz Liebowitz's work as much as I do

  2. thanks for visiting and for your comment, chris.