Wednesday, August 5, 2009

mike glier

October 5, 2006, 51°F, N42º 52.855, W 73º 20.630 (Hewitts Road), March 10, 2006, 45°F, N42º 52.551, W 73º 20.792 (The creek in the Hedgerow), September 5, 2006, 61°F, N42º 52.855, W 73º 20.630 (Hewitts Road), March 3, 2006, 23°F, N42° 52.649, W 73° 20.742 (The Studio Yard), June 9, 2006, 62°F, N42º 52.640, W 73º 20.697 (By the Hemlocks)
The paintings in the Latitude series describe the changes of color, light and motif of a region as the earth tilts on it’s axis during the course of a year. This selection describes the seasonal changes in Hoosick, New York and nearby Williamstown, MA. The dates included in the titles of each work indicate the day the painting was begun out of doors.
loving the dynamism and life of the forms and color of these landscapes...see more work here.

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