Tuesday, March 23, 2010

don maynard

Cloud Cover #1, 2009, encaustic on paper, 20 x 26, Weather Report, detail, 2009. encaustic, oil, plexi glass, 60 x 60, Fire Bush, 2008, encaustic, oil, wood panel, 34 x 80, Sunny with Flurries, 2008, encaustic on paper, 20 x 26, Checkerboard, 2008, mixed media, 34 x 80, Checkered Romance, 2008, encaustic on paper, 20 x 26

even after working with the encaustic medium for over eight years, i'm still impressed with all it can do in the hands of talented artists...i love the subtle forms, surfaces and combination of materials in these paintings...see more here.


  1. Incredible pieces, my favorites are 2, 3, 4, 5, very interesting. I saw his work on paper on his website and I assume the paper was on wood?
    Love the abstract designs.

  2. thanks for your comment, sodra. yes, i would assume the paper is mounted on wood or something just as rigid.