Wednesday, March 10, 2010

josh faught

How to Beat the High Cost of Living, detail, , How to Beat the High Cost of Living, 2009, hand woven cotton, nail polish, toilet paper, silk flowers, indigo, sequins, and ink, 92 x 72, House Plant, 2009, hemp, indigo, pins, wool yarn and garden trellis, 36 x 30, (sorry, no information), Triage, detail, Triage, 2009, hemp, nail polish, spray paint, indigo, logwood, toilet paper, greeting cards, pins, books, plaster, yarn, hand made wooden sign, denim, and gloves, 80 x 120

i read somewhere that this artist has won the betty bowen award from the seattle art museum and the article mentioned that the award went to an artist who successfully combines painting, sculpture and craft in their work, something that personally drives me as well...see more here.


  1. I dig this work. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Beautiful work. A lot of richness in it, sensitivity, thoughtfulness. Thanks for introducing me.