Monday, March 29, 2010

stephanie lanter

DoubleBib, 2007, Earthenware, crocheted nylon, hardware, 27x7x2, Bitter, 2005, Earthenware, glaze, ink, copper wire, found doilies, 8x8x4, BigNuk, 2007, Earthenware, glaze, crocheted copper wire, 5x5x5, Trophy, 2007, Stoneware, ink, crocheted nylon monofilament, 14x6x2, DoubleSucker with Bonnet, 2007, Earthenware, terra sigillata, crocheted nylon monofilament, 5.5x11x13, Big Red, 2007, Earthenware, glaze, crocheted nylon monofilament, 25x11x2.5

clay and fiber just go together so well, i hope to see more artists combine the two mediums...i discovered this artist at the clay studio, which just had a show called clay and fiber...see work from the show here...see more work from this artist here.

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