Thursday, April 16, 2009

fran skiles

materials include cotton duck, silk gauze, China silk, cotton paper, Japanese paper, transfer paper, thread, acrylic, oil, ink, crayon, gloss medium, silk paint, and gesso. Her techniques include monoprint, staining, painting, heat-set transfer, acrylic transfer, ink-jet fabric printing, and hand and machine stitching.

ever since my quilting days a lonnnng time ago, i've been a huge fan of fran skiles' work-a painter turned fiber artist who seamlessly bridges the gap between those two art disciplines...see more work here.


  1. I love her work. First saw it in a Quilt National Catalog, later one on one at 13 moons gallery. Then I had the chance to take her workshop at N Crow's Barn. What an experience. I loved her! Terrific experience.

  2. Fran's work is fabulous and she is an excellent teacher too.

  3. This work is great. Thanks for introducing me.