Tuesday, April 14, 2009

franklin evans

fforiginsoflove, watercolor and ink on paper, 30x22, ffreframe, watercolor and ink on paper, 17x12, ff nuttynutt, mixed media on paper, 20x26, ff inversiondisruption, mixed media on paper, 30x22, ff foreplayed, mixed media on paper, 30x22

the work of franklin evans...
My work is located in unlocatable places, between near and far, painting and drawing, narrative and non-narrative representation.Shifts in space are both lyrical and abrupt, the results of my search for the unexpected across the intersections of incongruous worlds which overlap, extend, invert and encompass one another.Convex spaces offer concavities of opportunity for sub-systems of other-worlds to exist.The work emerges like a dream whereby the dreamer discovers a world in which he unconsciously travels through spaces that cannot be reconciled.I allow the flow of watercolor and ink to suggest paths for the mind and the eye.Worlds bloom and grow, turning away from the root yet eventually cycling back to the point of origin, rediscovering facsimiles of the past.Dreamlandscape grounds the work in a familiarity that feels unfamiliar.Formal dynamics are analytically leveraged, dismissing pure critical distance and accepting the intuitive.I allow the brush and paint to lead me to places of wonder.Senses are jolted and each fresh drawing hopes to arrive at the newness of looking for the first time, again and again.

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  1. Franklin Evans has totally covetable art! Thanks for sharing.