Monday, April 27, 2009

monday studio tip of the week

michael awad, Las Vegas
, 2008, colour photograph, 48 x 96

here's a great drawing exercise and one that i use in my mark-making workshops...

Make a drawing which consists of a number of elements scattered across the paper. They might be individual objects, or a landscape split into distinct elements, or just marks on the paper.
Next, tear up your drawing so that each element is now on its own piece of paper. Now work on the wall or the floor. Allow yourself plenty of room (at least twice as big as you original drawing). Scatter the elements around, and then experiment with changing the composition and with creating new distances between the elements. Turn some of the elements upside down, or rip them in half...Think about new meanings which might be created, and forget your original drawing, think about how the new drawing might be interpreted. As you re-order the elements, begin drawing new elements and shapes in between the old ones to create a new drawing.

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