Saturday, April 4, 2009

what i'm working on: using blue

so because of my recent dry spell in the studio, i tried using blue for a couple of weeks to see if this works. let me say that blue is not my color, i always reach for reds, pinks and earth tones, so this was a little difficult for me at first. well, it didn't get me out of my dry spell, but it got me started to DO SOMETHING, which are some simple collaged pen & ink drawings, which got me thinking about a whole new body of work. so was it using the color blue that jump started me or just working on something? i guess both is the answer and i'm happy to say i'm slowly getting out of my funk!!

click here for the post about the color blue and creativity.


  1. Just read recently that according to some scientific study, the color blue supposedly stimulates creativity - hmmm...