Wednesday, April 8, 2009

judy pfaff

New Morning, 2008, Perforated/burnt bond and Crown Kozo paper, silk flowers, coffee filters, wire, 91 x 91, The thing with feathers, 2008, Burnt/folded and perforated Crown Kozo paper, ink, dyed coffee filters, found images, silk flowers, binding wire, pressed fauna, framed: 96 x 96, Koyna, 2008, Layered/cut paper, Joss paper, found images, ink, wire, artificial flowers, wire, Crown Kozo paper, umbrella parts, framed: 94 1/2 x 94 1/2, Untitled, 2007, Layered perforated paper, found images, ink, acrylic paint, framed: 18 1/4 x 23 1/4, Untitled #37, 2007, Ink, found images, acrylic paint, framed: 18 1/4 x 23 1/4

i'm sure judy pfaff needs no introduction to this art savvy crowd. i'm blown away by her monumental installations and what attracts me to them is not just her uncanny affinity for putting materials together, but the fact that she does it in such a way that makes perfect compositional sense. i marvel at her collages for the same reason.

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