Tuesday, March 31, 2009

betsy youngquist

norman, 2008, 10x6x7, humpty dumpty day, 2007, 6x9x5, baby bird on a stick, 2007, 11x17x7, petunia, 2008, 11x8x5, buzz, 2008, 8x9x6

i see betsy youngquist's freakishly funny (yet hopelessly loveable) creations at the philadelphia craft show every year and every year i agonize over the fact that i can't afford to buy one...one day i'll own one...one day...
As fourth graders at Welsh Elementary School in Rockford, IL my classmate Kristin Henard and I co-authored and illustrated a book entitled The Two Friends. Xeroxed and stapled, this book tells the story of an eagle and a horse who meet in the wild and become friends. Two of the book’s illustrations, both simple line drawings, picture the eagle, Bushy-Tail, riding on the back of the horse, Cherokee. It was a start. While a fledgling adult artist in 1998, the Illinois Committee for the National Museum of Women in the Arts selected a beaded painting of mine called Flight of the Zebra for an exhibition. With a red bird perched on a zebra the images of Bushy-Tail and Cherokee were back. Still great friends, they had morphed into an explosion of texture and color, and both now sported human feet. Anthropomorphism had taken root.

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  1. I have just seen that you want to follow me at twitter so came to see your art and its fantastic, have never seen anything like it so brilliant.
    I have been doing interviews on my blog (just a few questions) and after seeing your art l would love to do one for you also can put a link on my blog and website which should be live l hope by tomorrow. But just thought it would be nice to do a bit on my blog first so will wait to hear from you.
    Jill xxx