Friday, March 27, 2009

crit group: collaboration

my critique group met last week and for this month's meeting we had decided that instead of critiquing someone's work, we would make a collaborative piece. we met at wendy osterweil's studio and she led us in a mark-making challenge to partner up and through marks only (no talking) we were to have a conversation with our partner (my partner was heather veneziano). we worked with crayons, markers, paint, nail polish, stencils, fabric, stitch, ink, pastels, collage, x-acto knives, glitter, found objects, etc. the challenge was timed in the beginning and although we started out giggling and feeling a bit awkward, we all fell into a comfortable rhythm of drawing in silence. we drew for about 2 hours and eventually moved around the table, responding to marks as the drawing began to merge into a cohesive piece.
the images above are details of the drawing, some of the tools we used and the collaborative mark-makers are myself, heather veneziano, dee nicholas, kellianne mccarthy, wendy osterweil and brenda howell.

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