Thursday, March 5, 2009

private workshop with kathleen remsa

(from top) a branded, collaged encaustic piece of kathleen's from the workshop, a beautiful book of pressed flowers of kathleen's that i absolutely coveted, a rusted and embroidered sample and a wire crochet sample that kathleen brought to the workshop for inspiration, a beautiful little collaged encaustic painting and a branded drawing, both of which kathleen completed over the weekend.

last weekend kathleen remsa participated in a private fiber and encaustic workshop with me in my home studio. kathleen is a textile designer working for sunbury textiles in manhattan. my undergrad degree is in textile design, so it was great to spend a weekend with someone who had a similiar aesthetic outlook as i do. it was also interesting to see that while kathleen was absorbing what she was learning in encaustic painting techniques, she was also formulating ways to translate that learning into a fabric design. i look forward to seeing some of the fabrics she designs by using her new encaustic knowledge as inspiration.

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