Thursday, March 19, 2009

ryan mcginness

Faith, 2008, acrylic on canvas, 96 x 96, Left: Pay As You Go, 2006, acrylic on wood panel, 48 x 48 in, Right: Power Struggle for the Rules of Reality, 2006, acrylic on wood panel, 48 x 48, Untitled (Aesthetic Comfort Sculpture), 2008, acrylic on acrylic, 60 x 60 x 50, No Sin/No Future, 2008, acrylic on canvas, diptych, 48 in. sq. ea., 48 x 96 in. total, Aesthetic Comfort, 2008, acrylic on canvas paintings (72 in. dia. ea.) with vinyl installation under black lights, Cincinnati Art Museum, Courtesy Cincinnati Art Museum

pinwheels, lollipops, roller coasters, flowers, fireworks and glow sticks...ryan mcginness

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